The British Citizen Youth Awards

BCyA Logo_0002medal youthThe British Citizen Youth Awards in association with Specsavers, are designed to recognise the individual endeavours of young people who are positively impacting their communities, helping charities or undertaking exceptional activities in support of others.

Across the nation people are showing kindness and caring to others, but often without the recognition it deserves. The British Citizen Awards understands that there is no age limit to selfless acts of kindness, so has created the British Citizen Youth Awards for those aged under 16.

Those selected to receive a British Citizen Youth Award will be invited to attend a medal presentation at the Palace of Westminster on Tuesday 18 October 2016 with Afternoon Tea followed by an Open Top Lap of Honour Tour of West London.


Young people are the key to making our society and communities the special places that they are. So what could be better than to single some of them out for recognition with a British Citizen Youth Award?

These awards will provide a benchmark where the endeavours of young people can be publicised, recognised and where the individuals can be held up as role models for their peers.

We live in a world where negativity often prevails, and where young people are subject to negative generalisations. Together with our partners Specsavers and the i newspaper we want to shine the light of positivity on the youth of Britain and highlight the magnificent contribution that young people make to our communities up and down the country.

The BCyA is open to all children, from all cultural backgrounds, who will be under the age of 16 on 18 October 2016, who have positively impacted society, communities, charities or other good causes. Therefore, these awards are only for people born in this century, and our aim is make doing good things the rule rather than the exception.

Parents or carers will need to validate the nomination, and nominations will need to be seconded by someone not related to the child. To apply just send an email to with BCyA in the subject line. Deadline for entries is 16 September


Each nomination will be considered on its merits, and if further information is required, the nominator will be contacted. The BCA Independent Assessment Panel will assess from the information contained in the submission and any other information available in the public domain, if the nomination is to be successful and ratify the decision to award a BCyA.


Dame Mary Perkins
Founder of Specsavers

The society we live in tomorrow will be shaped by the children of today, which is why championing amazing young role models is so very important.

The young people that become the recipients of the first British Citizen Youth Awards will, I am sure, aspire other youngsters to emulate their good work and embody the spirit of transparency, integrity, determination and achievement, that define these awards.

Whatever it is that they have done to make a significant impact on society, their community, a charity or other good cause, it will have been with a selflessness and commitment that deserves to be publically acknowledged.

These unsung heroes are the rising stars of the future – let us shine a light on them and celebrate!

I hope that many more youngsters will follow in their footsteps.