Aled Griffiths

From: Devon

Aled Griffiths, Lauren Thomas, Ashley Banjo

Aled was born with a medical condition called Vacterl association, which has caused him to have numerous abnormalities in his body and has led to lots of time spent in hospital having various operations. This has not stopped Aled from helping others. He spends his time giving talks and presentations, including to medical professionals, about himself and his condition, in the hope that this will inspire others to achieve their goals and dreams.
Aled, whose motto is ‘Be You and Believe in Yourself’, was born with a number of physical challenges, which would make many people – including adults – shy away from public view. Aled however, sees this as an opportunity to talk to others about how he copes, and how he wants to be seen as ‘abled’ rather than ‘disabled’.
He volunteers for two national charities, both being stoma related. Openly promoting these charities in a selfless way, aware of how much he can help others, especially younger children and their families who are learning to cope with a stoma. At the age of 10, he was giving a presentation to 600 specialist nurses at the Association of Stoma Care Nurses Conference. Aled is also the children’s ambassador for The Colostomy Association. A truly inspiring young man, with no fear and pure compassion for others.