Alex Yates

Age: 9
From: Merseyside


Alex Yates BCyA with Ashley Banjo & Dame Mary Perkins of Specsavers

On joining the cubs four years ago, Alex became aware that some children have additional needs and some have disabilities making them less able to cope and integrate. Alex immediately wanted to make them feel more comfortable and part of the pack.

Coming into large groups can be daunting, but Alex identifies those that feel vulnerable and goes out of his way to make them feel comfortable. He does this despite having dyspraxia, sensory processing disorder and suffering with anxiety. In his desire to make lives better for other children, Alex is also a voice for these children through volunteering on the local Special Educational Needs & Disability panel.

Most children would find this an unnerving prospect, but Alex leapt at the challenge to explain how it feels for a child with additional needs. He engages in talks with the local council, Ofsted and the Quality Care Commission, explaining that it is important for all children to be listened to, whether their disability is visible or not. Alex’s passion comes from his own health issues, but also from having a brother who suffers from Cerebral Palsy and is in a wheelchair. After four years at Cubs, Alex has gained his Bronze Chief Scout award, and has been a reading ambassador in his school for the past two years.