A’Mari Carribon

Age:13 From: London

A'Mari Carribon, Kimberly Wyatt & Dame Mary Perkins

A’Mari Carribon, Kimberly Wyatt & Dame Mary Perkins

A’Mari is a positive role model and very unassuming, never thinking of herself in this way. Over the last 12 months she has undertaken extensive research about the housing crisis in London. A’Mari was able to communicate effectively the findings, resulting in her being asked to organise a team of students, staff and potentially parents to undertake research in conjunction with UCL and others schools in London into the link between schooling and housing.

A’Mari’s initial housing research has been included in a proposal by Citizens: UK presented to Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London. A’Mari’s initial research has directly meant a family has been able to receive support to be rehoused in more appropriate housing.

In addition to this, A’Mari is part of the ‘SOS – Stamp Out Stigma’ Mental Health Team at the school. She has undertaken a number of roles within the team. A’Mari successfully ran a ‘Time to Talk’ campaign for the staff at the school, wanting to ensure that all members were part of the mental health work together.

A’Mari is passionate about the housing and mental health campaigns. Her enthusiasm and ability to inspire others has meant that both teams have grown in size.