Amelia Butterfield

Age: 11
From: Cumbria

Amelia Butterfield, Nicky Cox, Ashley Banjo

Two years ago, inspired by her Dad’s long-term health condition, Amelia decided she wanted to raise money for a cancer charity. She set up a small business in school with three friends, first selling items at break time such as home-made bracelets and jewellery. When they wanted to expand, they asked the Headteacher for a ‘business loan’ of £10, and a match fund promise. They expanded into ‘Icy Friday’, a stall selling ice-pops, stationary and bracelets. Amelia returned the business loan after two weeks.
She kept the business a secret from her Dad, who was at this point extremely ill. By July 2016 she was able to present him with a cheque for £250 which they decided to split between Macmillan Cancer Support and St Mary’s Hospice. Following the sad loss of her Dad a month later, Amelia and her friends continue to raise money and to date have raised a total of £485 which will be doubled by the school.
In March, Amelia helped staff to organise the whole school Comic Relief activities, the event raised £1,000. One of the school’s past pupils suffered with several brain tumours – Amelia again stepped to the fore to help staff organise a fundraising day of activities, raising over £2,000 so that the child’s family could create happy memories with her.
Despite suffering a huge loss in her own life Amelia is always very quick to help others.