Ashley Palipana

Age:10 From: Essex

Ashley Palipana, Kimberly Wyatt & Nicky Cox

Ashley Palipana, Kimberly Wyatt & Nicky Cox

Ashley is a 10-year-old scout, volunteer and St John’s Ambulance First Aid Badger. From the age of six he has been involved in various charity fundraising events. With his own creative canvas art exhibitions, he has raised funds for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Charity. He continues this exhibition every year at the Thames Gallery in Grays.

Ashley has also been recognised by the St John’s Ambulance, receiving a Badger Award for bravery in 2015 for coming to the aid of a suicidal man in his home town. Ashley and his mother talked the young man down from a bridge and took him to their local church. The man is now well and back with family, and has met with Ashley to thank him for his bravery and courage.

Ashley created his own Facebook Art Gallery, the ‘Ashley Palipana Art Gallery’ and is also involved in many other charity events locally with his singing, acting and dancing talent.

Ashley is a caring, kind helpful young person who loves to make new friends and talk to people within the community. He helps other children in school being a ‘Peer Marker’ in Mathematics and Literacy. His dream is to become a surgeon at Great Ormond Street to ‘help save lots of lives’.