Bethan Owen

From: Denbighshire, Wales

Bethan Owen, Dame Mary Perkins, Ashley Banjo

Bethan has grown up caring for her Mum who suffers with severe epilepsy. Together with her Dad they are ever-present to care and call the emergency services when necessary. Paramedics are a constant fixture for Bethan, but she continues to support her Mum in a calm way with strength and maturity beyond her years.
Bethan knows that having a focus, and a sport to channel into, can release internal pressures and help to share the day-to-day challenges. At the age of 12, Bethan became a qualified Karate Instructor and decided to help adults and children who could not afford the expense of the big academies.


She considered that those less fortunate should not miss out on the opportunity to have fitness, health and discipline, so Bethan opened her own club in Rhyl. Being a young carer herself, she made this accessible to other carers. Bethan has now opened a second club in Llandudno and only charges to cover the hall hire, receiving no monies herself. Any money raised or donated by local businesses, goes straight back into the clubs.
Bethan has been practising Karate since the age of seven and has never missed a single grading. She taught herself Japanese and is now a 3rd degree black belt. Bethan is kind hearted and big hearted to the point that when she receives her weekly pocket money, she takes this to her favourite local homeless man.