Bethan Rees

Age: 14, From: Somerset

Bethan Rees, Kimberly Wyatt & James Cathcart

Bethan Rees, Kimberly Wyatt & James Cathcart

When aged just 7 years old on a family holiday to Kenya, Bethan visited Jolaurabi Primary and Kindergarten run by a small British charity called ‘Educate the Kids’. Her grandmother had previously had a strong involvement in this charity. Bethan was so moved by the poverty in which children her age had to exist, from that time onward she developed a profound social conscience. This young girl is determined, dedicated and passionate about changing the lives of young people in poverty – a truly inspirational young person.

On a visit in 2012 (one of three visits in the past six years) Bethan became involved in the selection process for children to be admitted to school. This is based entirely on poverty and need, which has to be verified with visits to the child’s home (mud hut). During one such visit, Bethan developed a particular attachment to one young girl. Bethan, then aged 10, trained for, and completed, a 10km swim in order to fund the girls schooling through 2017.

Today, Bethan uses her IT prowess to help the charity by preparing power point presentations producing publication information and running the Instagram page to highlight charity news and events.