Bethany Groves

Age: 15
From: Devon


Bethany Groves BCyA with Ashley Banjo & Liz Moorse CEO, ACT


Beth is an extraordinary young person, who although suffering her own personal trauma when aged 12, has emerged with a big heart and determination to help others through her commitment to volunteering. Four years ago, Beth decided that she would take up tennis, she was a complete beginner but within 6 months she was assisting her coach with the younger children. Her coach was the inspiration for Beth’s extensive volunteering.

Soon she was coaching the under-10s, but Beth was determined to be the best volunteer she could and would spend hours researching, co-ordinating games and tennis techniques so she could put her own spin on some of the coaching. Then Beth discovered Special Olympics, which is a sporting organisation specifically for children and adults with learning disabilities. Determined to volunteer, Beth started at her local group joining in to help others with basketball and football, helping adults with anxiety, Down’s syndrome and other learning disabilities. Beth soon became a leader, coaching the groups, sourcing her own ways of interacting and engaging, to ensure they enjoyed the group and left feeling fit and healthy and most importantly having fun. Beth is dedicated to this every week and is always looking at improvements for the group members, understanding that she needs to make it simple and fun.

Beth has contributed so much to others already, and in addition to volunteering was keen to help fundraise to give back to the junior tennis club that sparked her volunteering. Beth’s latest project is pushing through a programme aimed at Year 6 Key Stage 2 pupils, she is going back into the school as a year 10 volunteer, to reassure pupils about SATS and moving up to high school from a child’s perspective.