Ellie Payne

Age: 5
From: Somerset
Ellie has suffered from a serious heart condition since birth, having undergone two open heart surgeries and requiring further treatment throughout her life. Ellie’s condition has served to inspire her to help others, resulting in this exceptional little girl, who at just 5-years-old, raising over £33,000 for charity.

To raise funds, she has sold homemade cakes and busked at a market. But most significant is her annual sponsored walk. Attracting the support of local businesses and uniting communities, Ellie’s walk sees around 160 children, all of whom are sponsored, walk with her. Ellie has motivated and inspired the entire community, as all the participants’ families enjoy a fun day together whilst supporting good causes.

Ellie’s achievements have seen her featured in the media, where she generates awareness of heart conditions and promotes participation in her fundraising. She has featured widely in newspaper and magazine articles, and has been interviewed on live radio twice.

Ellie’s positive attitude ensures that her health does not define her. She attacks challenges with enthusiasm and her positive attitude. Her outgoing nature coupled with her confidence sees her embracing every opportunity she gets. She is determined to help others through her fundraising but is also keen to ensure more people are aware of heart conditions.