Elly Neville

Age:6 From: Pembrokeshire

Elly Neville, Kimberly Wyatt & Nicky Cox

Elly Neville, Kimberly Wyatt & Nicky Cox

At just 5½ years old Elly won a school competition where she made a recycled Pembrokeshire Flag, which was raffled and raised £500 for Withybush Hospital Ward 10. The money was designated to buy ‘fluffy blankets and plumpy cushions’ to make the patients of this predominantly Cancer Ward more cosy and comfortable. The couple that won the flag allowed Elly to keep it, to use in photo opportunities, and this is where Elly’s real passion for fund-raising began.

Miracles happen in Cancer Wards every day, and if a miracle cannot happen, then Elly believes that we need to make sure that the Cancer patients and their loved ones are as comfortable as possible at what is a very difficult time. In May 2015, with the support of her parents, Elly started to fundraise and raise the profile of not just Ward 10 but Withybush Hospital. At 6 years of age, Elly is becoming a very confident young person who will shake hands and meet people of all ages.

In November of 2015 the Local Health Board turned Elly’s fundraising into an appeal so it is now known as ‘Elly’s Ward 10 Flag Appeal’. To date, this inspirational, courageous young girl has raised £39,000 for the hospital.