Emily Lindley

Age: 13
From: Angus, Scotland

Emily Lindley, James Cathcart, Ashley Banjo

Emily is 13-years-old and committed to volunteering. She has spent four years raising money for children in a Kenyan orphanage raising several thousand pounds. This has been achieved through a variety of activities including coffee mornings, bring and buy sales, sponsored walks and selling bracelets made by the Nyahera community she is helping in Kenya. Her inspiration came when a teacher at her school gave a talk about the orphans in Kenya needing money for a daily meal and for footwear to prevent foot rot.

During the past 18-months Emily has also started visiting a local residential care home for the elderly and taking in a family pet, ‘Spencer’, to provide dog therapy. Emily’s nature empathises well with the dementia patients, and whilst it can be daunting, even for adults, Emily has so much confidence and has acquired insight into the condition which makes patients very comfortable in her company. Emily listens attentively to the patients’ tales, which she finds interesting, and appreciates that they are unaware when they are repeating the same story later. She shows respect and laughs with them, not at them, building a very good rapport.

Emily continues to put in the hard work required to make each event she undertakes to raise money or awareness successful. The community has benefited greatly from Emily’s coffee mornings. Her small rural village and farming community welcome the opportunities to socialise helping make her events a success.