Emma & James Whittaker

Age: 8 & 6 respectively From: Buckinghamshire

Keith Sibson, (Emma & James), Kimberly Wyatt & Dame Mary Perkins

Keith Sibson, (Emma & James), Kimberly Wyatt & Dame Mary Perkins

Sister and brother, Emma and James have both been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, Fancini Anaemia (FA), since 2012. FA causes bone marrow failure and predisposition to certain cancers. In 2015 Emma successfully received a Bone Marrow transplant and the family are hopeful that James will also get his before the end of 2016.

They both try to live a normal daily life, no matter how dark the days get, with regular trips to both Watford General and Great Ormond Street Hospital. Both are susceptible to infections and their iron levels drop rapidly and frequently.

Despite her condition, Emma recently undertook a sponsored three-mile walk to raise money for Great Ormond Street. Her self-imposed target was £50, but instead she managed to amass an amazing £360.64.

Emma and James are selfless individuals despite what they have been through. No matter how hard life gets they continue to smile and always think of others. They each raise awareness of the rare illness they have through charity events in the community and through the school they attend. Due to their raising awareness, more local people in the community now donate blood on a regular basis. Both Emma and James have posted letters via ‘Post Pals’, a charity which helps lift the spirits of sick children.