Evie Toombes

Age: 17
From: Lincolnshire

Evie has a mission to educate people about hidden disability. She created the ‘END Campaign – Educate Not Discriminate’ – to end judgement about hidden disabilities which she takes to schools and colleges. She talks openly about her own struggles using disabled facilities and how judgement can affect the confidence of individuals.

Evie was born with spina bifida, requiring surgery which has left her with severe bladder and bowel problems. Evie has had to deal with multiple difficult medical procedures throughout her life and had to learn to deal with socially isolating symptoms.

Since the age of 13 Evie has been educating other children about her challenges. She has put her embarrassment of living with double incontinence aside to help others and shares her story to help parents. It started when Evie revisited her primary school and tested her story about ‘Lucy’ a dog with a poorly tummy. Evie has reached over 30,000 people.

Despite considerable spells in hospital, Evie strives to continue her work and recently made a film with School of Sciences QMC Hospital about living with hidden disabilities. She also assists medical companies that supply incontinence products to children, mentors children with health difficulties, and is currently writing a children’s book about hidden disabilities.