Honey Jones

Age:14 From: Berkshire

Honey Jones, Kimberly Wyatt & Will Gore

Honey Jones, Kimberly Wyatt & Will Gore

At the age of just 6, Honey was diagnosed with Aspergers. Sadly, prior to this she had suffered bullying from her peers, and teachers did not understand her condition. In 2008 Autism was a condition associated with males, and very little was known about the condition in females. Today, Honey believes that regardless of her own early negative experiences, having a diagnosis at a young age has helped her face fewer hurdles than other females only diagnosed as an adult.

Honey turned the negatives of her early childhood into powerful positives as she progressed through to her teens. Playing the lead of ‘Belle’ in the Kindest Label movie – a film to educate others on female Aspergers – saw her win an award in the ‘Include me TOO’ Creative Arts Disabled Child of the Year 2014.

Now 14, and home schooled Honey has gone from a young woman with anxiety, eating problems and low self-esteem, to a confident young lady taking her GCSE’s a year early. As well as attending the United Nations Social Forum Round Tables this month Honey has helped the Autistic community since 2012.

Honey is a role model to many and proves that you can overcome negative attitudes and live life to the fullest.