Ishwar Sharma

Age: 9
From: Kent


Ishwar Sharma BCyA with Ashley Banjo & Liz Moorse CEO, ACT

Wise beyond his years, Ishwar is aware of the pressures on young people in today’s digital society and realises that their fears, concerns and mental health can spiral downwards very quickly. Having practiced yoga for the past six years, he knows first-hand how it can help the development of physical, mental, social and spiritual health. So, he set about developing a brand of yoga which is attractive to young people, making exercise and spiritual health something they want to learn. Through introducing music, he has created a unique art form, which enables young participants to strengthen their mental health through yoga, giving them a new confidence to approach difficult situations more positively.

Ishwar struggled at nursery with ADHD, never being able to sit still, but since taking up yoga has found an inner peace and calm. Not content with his personal growth and well-being, Ishwar from the age of four has performed in more than 100 events, both national and international inspiring thousands of children and adults to take up yoga in their daily life.

Ishwar is determined to spread the benefits of yoga to young people. He makes yoga easy to understand and articulates the benefits of the practice in a way that makes it universally appealing. He engages in yoga competitions to appeal to competitive young people and has won Gold Medal at the Yoga World Champions in 2018, making him a role model and an inspiration for others