Joab Price

Age:11 From: Worcestershire

Joab Price, Kimberly Wyatt & Dame Mary Perkins

Joab Price, Kimberly Wyatt & Dame Mary Perkins

Joab has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes since 2013. Despite this, Joab was determined that the diagnosis would not hold him back, and being a very keen sportsman, decided to start raising money for the Worcestershire Paediatric Diabetes Team. He tirelessly set about filling sponsorship forms with pledges from family and friends and involved children within his school. The Paediatric Diabetes Trust Fund for children with diabetes subsidises and sometimes entirely funds a programme of events such as a Christmas party, an activity for 8-13 year olds in the spring and a teenage activity day in the autumn.

Over the past three years Joab has participated in many events organised by the Paediatric Diabetes Team, including a summer BBQ, Christmas parties and the activity weekend for children with diabetes. Joab wants to ensure that the Paediatric Diabetes Team will continue to have sufficient funds to organise further activities. Activities which are so valuable to the children that on one particular weekend, participants felt confident enough to inject for the first time, feeling so supported and comfortable with their peers and volunteers.

Using his own initiative, Joab has singlehandedly raised a total of £1,500.