Keira Beeson

Age: 11 From: Lincolnshire

Keira Beeson, Kimberly Wyatt & Dame Mary Perkins

Keira Beeson, Kimberly Wyatt & Dame Mary Perkins

Keira was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis aged seven, which has had a massive impact on her young life. Along with the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease, Keira has also had to deal with the side effects from the immunosuppressant drug she takes.

She focuses on raising awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and raising funds for Crohn’s and Colitis UK and the Breakaway Foundation – The Button Bear Project.

For world IBD day (19th May) Keira wanted to do something supportive, so set about creating ‘Wear Something Purple’. In her own words ‘some people are suffering in silence, without support, too embarrassed to talk about the disease. I am not, I want to show people that there is nothing to be embarrassed about’.

With support of her school and through endless letter-writing to local businesses, Keira, in just one day, raised just under £2,000 for the IBD charity. Surgery was Keira’s only option so she set about educating her headmaster and fellow pupils at her school about the surgery she would be having and how this would affect her. Four days before surgery she repeated her previous year activities raising another £2,000.