Kiaragh Brown

Age: 13
From: Worcestershire


Kiaragh Brown BCyA with Ashley Banjo & Adrian Carter of Big Bus London

At the age of 11, when Kiaragh was selected to be her local Carnival Queen, she had to choose a charity to support. This sparked a community-spirit in Kiaragh who for the past two years has been very active locally in fundraising, volunteering and performing to raise money. She has actively set herself targets and given her time and efforts for two charities mainly.

Firstly, the British Heart Foundation where in just 18 months she raised over £3,000, raising awareness and actively getting defibrillators installed in rural communities, school walls, village halls and other public places. Kiaragh has also given up her weekends running education stands at community events giving out information on heart conditions. Kiaragh sadly lost her beloved

Poppa Jim to pancreatic cancer in 2017 and is passionate and driven about raising awareness and promoting early diagnosis for pancreatic cancer in the UK. She has delivered a speech at school about pancreatic cancer and what to look out for and held an education morning at her local superstore. She has another series of events planned for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month in November, not wanting anyone to go through what she went through losing someone she loved dearly. Kiaragh has become quite the expert in getting others involved in giving something back. She took her community responsibility as Carnival Queen to heart and is now in her third year of fundraising, she is determined to continue to make a difference in her community.