Lyndsey Engelbrecht

Age: 11 From: Hertfordshire

Lyndsey Engelbrecht, Kimberly Wyatt & Dame Mary Perkins

Lyndsey Engelbrecht, Kimberly Wyatt & Dame Mary Perkins

Lyndsey is a survivor of Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at the tender age of just 11 years. Wanting to raise awareness, Lyndsey devised a moving PowerPoint of her survival and led her class-mates in raising £500 for Cancer Research UK. Her personal reasons behind supporting this charity were shared by Lyndsey in school assembly. Her positive presentation and fundraising were incredible and the enthusiasm was contagious, but for Lyndsey this was a way of helping other children and families.

Lyndsey worked tirelessly for her cause, persuading her class, class teacher and the head teacher that Cancer Research UK was an amazing charity. She raised awareness by talking to children and sharing her story in the school newsletter and talking with other families as she collected money for raffle tickets and with the class cake sale. Lyndsey became very confident and compelling in driving the fundraising forward, arriving early to school to sell tickets in the playground.

Because of Lyndsey the whole school community have a clearer understanding of cancer, the impact of chemotherapy and the hope that charities such as Cancer Research UK bring to children and adult cancer sufferers and their families.