Mia & Natalia Goleniowska

Age: 13 & 11 respectively

From: Cornwall

Mia & Natty Goleniowska, Dame Mary Perkins, Ashley Banjo


Mia & Natalia (Natty) are a powerful combination of sisters. Natty has Down’s syndrome, and as a family they have created a blog called ‘Downs Side Up’ to promote inclusion, understanding and equality.  Mia & Natty work together as Ambassadors and Advocates, constantly educating others about Down’s syndrome through working with the NHS and charities such as Mencap, Makaton and the Down’s Syndrome Association. They support other families and young people and share their experiences via a book written by Mia and her Mum, vlogs and a blog.


Mia has carried her protective mentality into the wider world, standing up for anyone at school who feels misunderstood or different.  Mia speaks out in a kind, but firm way, if she feels someone is being targeted for their differences. She has delivered moving and amusing speeches to hundreds of medical professionals and students, on national TV and radio and has fundraised for Down’s syndrome charities throughout her young life.


Natty in turn, is a role model for children with disabilities everywhere.  She is a learning disability champion in every sense of the world and it is her personality that shines through all she does.  A model, a spokesperson, a teacher – Natty had broken down many barriers and smashed stereotypes, all by the age of nine-years-old.  She hosts a live broadcast nightly, ‘Chatty Natty’ and has taught those younger than herself to sign, dance and encourages them to read and write with her daily tips.