Millie Nabarro

Age: 7
From: London


Millie Nabarro BCyA with Ashley Banjo & Adrian Carter of Big Bus London

Millie set up her own weblog, ‘TheReallyKindClub’ at the end of 2017 aged 7-years-old. She really wants to make a positive difference to people’s lives and has a strong vision about the power of kindness. Millie wanted to share with others the positive impact she achieves through championing kindness. Aside from the weblog, Millie regularly takes matters into her own young hands. She independently sourced a donation of 100 torches, which were welcomed by her school when they were making up Christmas packages for homeless and disadvantaged people in London.

Millie’s aim is for her weblog to spark good will. Her aim is to provide a hub of carefully chosen ideas to encourage others to take action themselves. ‘Make a donation to a food bank’, ‘be neighbourly’, and ‘reach out to the homeless’ being ways that are tried and tested, but her passion for kindness makes others want to do more.

There are many examples of how Millie’s community has benefitted from TheReallyKindClub’s actions: a neighbour handed a de-icer when his doorstep was very slippery; local people in crisis have benefitted from family-friendly deliveries to a food bank; paramedics were surprised with a thank you note and chocolates; and, a local animal shelter received hand-made cat toys. All little things, but Millie knows that small acts, make a big difference.