Millie Turner

Age: 13 From: London

Millie Turner, Kimberly Wyatt & Nicky Cox

Millie Turner, Kimberly Wyatt & Nicky Cox

Millie is passionate about improving the her local community. Concerned for the safety of students travelling to school, Millie organised and led a group of students, all of whom were older than her to develop a project to tackle the issue of road safety. Her tenacity meant that she never gave up. She led the group, showing real determination in developing and adapting plans. Millie gave a presentation to Transport for London and Barnet Council, successfully achieving £300 to fund the work. Both groups were impressed by her attention to detail, confidence and financial/ budgeting skills.

Millie volunteered to join the school’s Mental Health Team, a group of eight students who wanted to teach and tackle the issue of mental health stigma. Millie worked with the team in a number of roles. She is willing to go the extra mile, leading by example. As a 13-yearold she contributes selflessly, volunteering hundreds of hours to help others.

Millie has successfully made the road safer outside of her school. She ran an awareness campaign that has encouraged parents to think about where to safely park to pick up their children, at the same time instilling in students the need to reduce their use of personal technology devices when crossing roads outside of the school.