Claire BarrattClaire Barratt

Entrepreneur, author, mother & founder of caricature brand ClaireaBella.

Claire left school in 1995 with only two qualifications, only to find at college she was numerically dyslexic. She became a mother at nineteen years old and tragically lost her fiancée and father of her son at twenty.

Claire’s childhood dream was to work in the police and at the age of 22 achieved it even though her life at the time encompassed much grief and adversity.

In 2010 Claire founded the caricature brand ClaireaBella making herself a bag to represent her on a good day. The love for Claire’s personalised caricatures spread through using social media and her husband (also a Police Officer) building a website.

With passion and determination, hard work and a lot of long hours Claire succeeded in growing the business from her dining room table and a £30 loan from her mother to a multi award winning brand that now has a social following in excess of 120,000 followers and retail sales in excess of £2m per annum.

Claire has been instrumental in the Brand’s early success, developing the management team, managing social media whilst providing the Brand with a consistent, approachable and inspirational core which ensures the focus is always around the Brand’s customers.

With numerous TV campaigns, celebrity ambassadors and over 40 people working with ClaireaBella, Claire has since left Humberside police and continues to grow ClaireaBella to inspire and empower people worldwide to celebrate their dreams, individuality and ambition.

“The British Citizen Youth Awards recognises selfless achievements that would have ordinarily gone unnoticed. I’m proud and genuinely humbled to be an ambassador of the awards championing such wonderful inspiring young people who are making and changing society in such special ways. Seeing ordinary people making such extraordinary strives within their communities to those less fortunate is truly humbling and it’s wonderful to recognise these achievements.”





Each and every one of you should be so proud of your achievements and hard work. Think about the person/s who has been your inspiration, someone you’ve looked up to, the person who under the radar has been the reason for your self-belief and success…..

Well now YOU are that person many will be looking up to! 

Keep going and well done again.

Charlie Hedges 





NICKY COX MBEcox-nicky


Nicky Cox is editor-in-chief of First News, the national newspaper for young people with more than two million readers a week, and of First News Live!, the world’s first online news channel for children.


Nearly half of schools subscribe to First News, making it the widest-read publication for children in the UK.


Nicky was made an MBE for services to children in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2009 and, in 2013, was given a Patron’s award from the NSPCC and ChildLine for dedication to children. She is passionate about giving kids a voice and a fair deal.




First News is picking up a string of awards. In the annualindustry Newspaper Awards, it has picked up the gongs for Weekly National Newspaper of the Year and Niche Newspaper of the Year.

It was also made National Newspaper of the Year by the Plain English Awards and Save The Children gave the newspaper an award for outstanding contribution to children. In 2014 Nicky was one of the Women of Achievement in the Women of the Year Awards.

She is often called upon to be a judge herself and has been on the panels for BAFTA and the Mum of the Year Awards, to name a couple.

In a previous life Nicky was editorial director of the children’s division at BBC Worldwide (for 14 years) and a sub editor at The Sunday Times.

At the centre of her life are her four gorgeous and talented kids – Barney, 22, Beth, 20, Daisy, 18 and Liberty, 15.

“Too often, young people get a bad press. It is fantastic to be part of the first British Citizen Youth Awards which celebrate the fact that young people are, in fact, extraordinary human beings with good hearts contributing to their communities in so many positive ways.”




“I am so honoured to be part of something that celebrates young people and all their achievements. We must begin to recognise the younger generations for who they are and the amazing things they do in society.

Growing up as a young person today is hard and the pressures of social media and body image continue to mean the feelings young people carry, are hugely challenging.

I hope by beginning to champion young people through the BCyA we can help them to feel proud of who they are and the achievements they have made.”