Ruben Evans-Guillen
& Elena Evans-Guillen

Age: 7
From: Cheshire


Ruben & Elena Evans-Guillen BCyA with Ashley Banjo & Nicky Cox, Editor, First News

Twins Ruben and Elena embarked on a year-long running target of 100km to raise money for the ‘Making Waves Project’ at Warrington Halton Hospital. The aim of the project is to make life more comfortable and normal for children and their families going through a traumatic experience in hospital.

The 100km is made up of various running events, including obstacle courses, trail adventure running, and charity runs. Both Ruben and Elena have ADHD and overcoming daily challenges did not deter them from taking part. Both children, have inspired other children in the community to take up physical exercise and help others. Nearing the end of this project, their dedication and 100% effort has resulted in these two seven-year-olds raising £4,000.

Ruben and Elena’s achievements have given them the opportunity to show the many positive aspects of ADHD, as this condition unfortunately carries a negative stigma of unruly children badly behaved. Their dedication to others and their commitment has positively championed the enormous potential of children with ADHD, proving that by channelling their boundless energy into a positive project, great things can be achieved. Ruben and Elena have inspired, emotionally moved, and captivated their community with their infectious energy and warm spirit on their hugely successful emotional journey. Their actions have touched the hearts of many and created many wonderful moments that have been shared with NHS Staff and within the Children’s Ward at the hospital and the wider community.