Ryan Wiggins

Age: 15 From: Hertfordshire

Ryan Wiggins, Kimberly Wyatt & James Cathcart

Ryan Wiggins, Kimberly Wyatt & James Cathcart

Ryan is an exceptional 15-yearold with Aspergers. Because he was mature beyond his years and ‘different’ from other children Ryan was bullied, causing him to attend several different schools. As a result, Ryan found socialising difficult and turned to music to escape. He taught himself to play the guitar and turned a negative into a positive. When he was 13 he took part in a showcase called ‘Autisms Got Talent’ run by the Anna Kennedy Online charity and it was there he got to meet others on the Autism spectrum. Despite his hardships, Ryan is an inspiration to others suffering from the same condition and has become much more involved in the charity and is now its ‘Young Person Patron’.

Ryan has raised £3,000 for the charity and has continued to spread the message about the effects of bullying, including speaking at ‘Inside Gov’.

Ryan’s anti-bullying campaigning has played a valuable part in the community. His openness that he portrayed in a short film he created about the effects that bullying has on people was a great help to others, who contacted Ryan to thank him.

Ryan is passionate that people should not endure what he did during his formative years and works tirelessly to create awareness.