Tallulah Deeks

Age: 11
From: Hertfordshire


Tallulah Deeks BCyA with Ashley Banjo & Dame Mary Perkins of Specsavers

Tallulah is a volunteer for The Wellbeloved Club, which is a monthly Sunday lunch club that provides a two-course hot meal to people aged 65 and over, who are lonely and/or socially isolated in the community. Tallulah is the youngest volunteer, and helps with laying the tables, flower arrangements, serving dinner, clearing up and stimulating conversations with people who would ordinarily spend Sunday on their own.

Her bubbly personality and total confidence are qualities uncommon in many 11-year-olds when faced with a room full of older people. Tallulah greets everyone with a big smile and the warmest of welcomes and is a breath of fresh air. Tallulah gives her time freely to help at The Wellbeloved Club and has skipped birthday parties and given up SATs revision-time to join in. She has even forfeited some family fun days because of her commitment to the club and the people that attend.

Tallulah creates flower arrangements for each of the tables herself and uses her own pocket money to purchase the materials. At the end of the meal, she insists the guests take them home to place next to a photo of their partner. Some of the guests attending the Club do not have as much access to the outside community and are increasingly spending more time on their own. Tallulah’s contribution has broken down barriers, reduced isolationism and restored the faith of the Clubs members in the younger community.